Our 2016 season continues at 8pm on Wednesday 16 November with The Daughter


Australia, 2015, Simon Stone, Drama, 96 mins (15)

Directed and written by Simon Stone, the story follows a man who returns home to discover a long-buried family secret, and whose attempts to put things right threaten the lives of those he left home years before.

The film is based on the play The Wild Duck by Henrik Ibsen.  It was filmed in and around Sydney, Australia.

So far, it has received 3 Best Film Nominations at international festivals. The Daughter is Simon Stone's feature directorial debut, after he directed a live theatre version of the play.

Hedvig is the only character whose name remains exactly the same from the film's base text. Peterson's name also remained the same, except for a spelling change. Although uncertain, it is very possible Geoffrey Rush's character is named 'Henry' as a nod to Henrik Ibsen, the playwright.

"A family’s long-buried secret is unearthed in an Ibsen adaptation marked by fine performances."
Wendy Ide, The Guardian (✱✱✱✱)

"What it is though, is an incredibly acted, extremely tense character drama that focuses on the most difficult thing some people have to cope with - you can’t choose your family… Tough but rewarding."
Jamie East, The Sun (✱✱✱✱)

Some comments on CFS from last season's members:

"My first season, and what an awesome season that was! I've seen so many films that wouldn't normally appear on my radar and I consider myself more fulfilled because of it! It's been an educating, entertaining and enthralling 9 months!" C.M.

“I joined last year to see non-UK films that are infrequently shown elsewhere. The films I saw were breathtakingly beautiful; the range of subject matter, plot and photography were amazing.” R.J.

“15 diverse films from around the world – on the big screen, on our doorstep, and all for under £3.50 a film! For a film-lover this has to be the best deal around.” – J. F.

"An invigorating injection of culture in your local theatre! Prepare to be challenged, surprised, moved and entertained by a unique selection of films, all informatively introduced." C.L.

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