Les Salauds ratings and comments

Members' ratings and comments on Les Salauds, shown on 8th April 2015.

Members’ rating: 35.8%.  A-1, B-4, C-8, D-12, E-19.   44 votes from 57 members who signed in.
Members’ comments:
Very confusing – I did not understand what was going on - there must surely be better films to see.  Grim, dark depressing – for the first time of the season I’ve come away wishing I hadn’t come.  Explain that! – even present politics are more exciting!  Incomprehensible.  “Menacing” and “Unsettling” – what was this ghastly film about?  Promised much – but delivered little.  Unnecessarily sordid and unnecessarily confused timelines marring a straightforward thriller.  Slow, self-indulgent – no redeeming features.  Bloody Hell!  Incoherent portrayal of a marginalised existence.  Again …watchable but I was totally lost with the story line.  Too confusing.  Disturbing ending shot!  Another good choice as a movie, thanks.  Great soundtrack, great cinematography.  GRIM – and a few unanswered questions!  Why do they always film French films in the dark?  Hard to follow at times and showed influence of Goddard with respect to fragmentation.  Too much sex.  Excellent soundtrack – not sure about the camera shots/angles.  Challenging and sometimes hard to watch, interesting story though.  Did not tell a story, unconnected scenes not linked.  Not a nice way to spend an evening: please no more films like this.  Incoherent plot – not your best choice.  Interesting, disturbing but difficult to follow.  If at least one person had paid the electricity bill I might have had more idea about what was going on!  A bit too dark and confusing to be enjoyable.  These films go from bad to worse  - so fragmented.  Another grim evening – I’d hardly call it entertainment!  When can we have a good film?  In the style of films I used to not like 50 years ago – I still don’t!  Another misguided choice.  I’d pay not to watch films like this.  So dark I couldn’t decide who was who to start with.  Boring and very woolly feeble plot.  Need there be a shot at the beginning of the man in the factory (who is about to commit suicide and whose letter is on the floor)?  No wonder the main actor said he’s be glad to be in any film of the female director’s – he gets to do more than touch: at the end of the film she knew which side her bread was buttered on.  Difficult to understand , too explicit and not a good experience.  Dull and predictable – no likeable characters: what was the point of it?  Gratuitous for no reason.  I’ve led a sheltered life!  Totally confusing with filming in non-consecutive places.  You’d think she’d get rid of her mole and he his goitre eyes!  Do people anywhere want to see such lives?  Pretentious, disjointed, incoherent – I could go on …  It was certainly ‘noir’ but not a film I’d want to see again.


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