The Double ratings and comments

Members' ratings and comments on The Double, shown on 25th March 2015.

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Members’ rating: 49%.  A-11, B-5, C-14, D-13, E-17.   60 votes from 95 members who signed in.
Members’ comments:
Puzzling and interesting. A challenging film!  An ambitious attempt to translate Dostoyevsky’s story to film: high level of design, filming and acting – thought-provoking exploration of personality issues, human relationships and impact of deadening bureaucracy.  Good choice.  Started very brightly, but dragged and became predictable.  Oddly enjoyable – I liked the sound with the strange visuals.  Weird but interesting.  Didn’t connect for me.  A brave attempt to convey a Kafkaesque living nightmare of mental illness/paranoia? - suffocatingly atmospheric.  Disturbing – a study in schizophrenia aka automatic door syndrome!  Weird – I need longer to come up with anything more coherent!  Bizarre – very clever – not what I was expecting – thriller more than comedy but glad I saw it: brilliantly shot despite its darkness.  This must be one of the worst films I have ever seen – a complete waste of time.  Gobsmacked!  Perhaps if I had read the Dostoyevsky…?  or if I hadn’t read Kafka!  A lot to think about – did his double exist?  Beautifully shot, like a work of art in each still: a lot to keep me thinking!  Utterly predictable, smug, imitative film school pastiche.  Poor man’s 1984.  We may not have appreciated this film, but CFS certainly offers a vast range of movies.  The music kept me awake.  Weird, weird, weird – I wish I had stayed home.  Very surreal, very thought provoking: I love Ayoade’s previous work.  An hour and a half of my life I can’t get back – sitting through it was like living a 90 minute nightmare: this year’s stinker!  Tedious, pretentious, boring – the first dud of the season.  Awful.  Unspeakably awful.  Well – what was that all about? I felt totally disengaged – too surreal for me.  Great – reminded me of those films that David Lynch made at college – wonderful soundtrack.  After a promising start – disintegrated into chaos.  Pretentious nonsense, Dostoyevsky or not.  Too weird for me.  A very confusing film.  So dire one person appeared to be playing on his phone.  After a promising start, disintegrated into chaos.  Disturbing evocation of Dostoyevsky’s bleak world – hope the cast had some fun as well!  Clever effective use of music – lost the plot in the 3rd reel though.  Surrealism without a plot.  It was good – I loved the music.  1984 with humorous undertones – strange but enjoyable.  Self-indulgent, pretentious and mind-numbingly boring.  Very David Lynch!  Fantastic film – though I didn’t understand who was who at the end.  Confusing, slow – not a favourite.  Very odd - I yawned a lot – was I tired or just bored?  Bleak - interesting sets, reminiscent of 1984.  Looked as if it might have been a film school exercise.  Dark, depressing – what was going on?  Boring in an interesting kind of way: I liked the music – thought it got slightly better as it went on.  Some clever bits but overall pretentious – like an A level student’s attempt.  Dystopian vision that got rather wearing despite flashes of originality.  I thought they’d leave us to think which one had jumped – didn’t enjoy it as much as the usual films.  Not the greatest film I’ve ever seen, but far from the worst!


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