The Wind Rises ratings and comments

Members' ratings and comments on The Wind Rises, shown on 15th April 2015.

76.3%.  A-24, B-17, C-11, D-5, E-0, 57 votes from 78 members who signed in.
Members’ comments:
Good choice again – I loved the music!  Truly beautiful.  A++ Colours I’ve never seen.  Amazing – an Engineer as the hero!  A brilliant film and amazing animation: a touching story of love and dedication: thank you for a very worthwhile choice.  Exceeded expectations.  Wonderful!  Beautifully crafted – not sure if animation is suitable for adults.  A refreshingly enjoyable film: a good story line, well presented with a touch of poignancy.  The animation was a nice change, but the film didn’t really grab me.  Nice to have a film about Engineers, even if it was a comic strip.  Enjoyable, very different to anything I would normally see – thank you.  Marvellous  animation and a very informative film.  A delightful film with amazing and superb animation and a good story, too.  A beautiful film.  Excellent – bitter sweet.  Very unusual but wonderful.  A subtle and charming confection sugar coating a highly contentious nationalistic recasting of history.  Apart from the characters looking like dolls, a delightful yet interesting lesson in Japanese history and culture.  Very charming, a little obscure in parts but beautifully crafted.  Not my cup of ceremonial tea!  Some films try and shy away from such topics - of war and its nature – this film did it superbly with a lovely soundtrack and colourscape.  Beautiful images – surprisingly with challenging meanings – loved the slow pace.  The animation was brilliant.  I liked it very much – good story, beautifully animated: I don’t know why anyone should object to it as it had an anti-war view, perhaps a little long, though.  I kept feeling I was watching a children’s film.  Great concept and wonderful drawings – could have done with a good edit – to lose about 30 minutes.  Charming, beautiful, really enjoyable.  Unusual, wonderful animation: a quiet film, literally, not too loud: I enjoyed it.  Completely different pace and sensibilities to any western film – interesting.  Lyrical and sensitively portrayed – perhaps animation has a future!  Superb – the animation was incredible!  Interesting story and period, bit long, charmingly told.  Beautifully drawn but dragged for me.  Worthy but dull and overlong and kitschy – despite interesting subject matter – a disappointment.  Great animation and enjoyable aircraft with love story.  Fantastic animation: brilliant story: very enjoyable.  Brilliant and thought-provoking too.  Captivating film – a real visual feast for the eyes – beautifully sad.  Good story as in the animation – impeccable, but story told too slowly and rather twee.  A relaxing film to view; uncomfortable viewing as far too hot in auditorium.  Most enjoyable – very poignant in places – film went at a good pace – could happily watch it again.  Fascinating – despite cultural differences between both countries.  Great film – superb detail.  Good story – but I wouldn’t say I liked the way it was told.  Poignant irony of the beautiful engineering for a killing machine!  A sad, thought-provoking little tale: beautifully created; slightly over long.  Refreshing after last week!  A bit of everything: interesting: a bit long.


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