Birdman ratings and comments

Members' ratings and comments on Birdman (or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), shown on 6th May 2015.

Members’ rating: 64.1%: A-13, B-14, C-8, D-6, E-7.  48 votes from 79 members who signed in.
Members’ comments:
Love: everyone is chasing that crazy little thing: good acting: loved it.  The drums added atmosphere to a very confusing film.  I think I liked it, but not sure I understood it! what was the drum solo all about?  It was very well made for what it was - whatever that was!  A full two hour ego trip to prove what, with an incomprehensible dialogue.  I enjoyed this film choice and the chaotic movement between scenes and the soundtrack that accompanied it.  Dialogue impossible to interpret - apart from foul language: not exactly an inspiring story - no Oscars from me!  Great!  All the awards richly deserved.  Passionate and totally believable acting: tedious lead up but WHAT A CLIMAX.  I loved this film, superb characters beautifully portrayed.  Chaotic.  I'm not sure I understood it!  20 mins too long - they didn't know how to end it but, apart from that, brilliant!  A film about mumbling luvvies for luvvies, acted by mumbling luvvies.  Very difficult to follow the plot - far too much use of the f-word; very disappointing.  Not my cup of tea, disjointed rubbish: "Oscar winner" - they must be on another planet.  Swings from bravura to tiresome and back again: highly self-regarding.  Cruel, claustrophobic, compelling - magnificent. Challenging - sound was variable: great acting: worth seeing again.  Brilliantly acted and directed apart from difficulty catching all the dialogue.  Excellent acting, bizarre plot - reality or imagination? who knows!  The star of the film was the Director of Photography - great shots.  Remarkable, but not much fun.  Very bad sound quality: confusing film, difficult to follow: can't understand how it won so many awards.  Too left field for my liking I'm afraid.  Good make up at the end: horrible camera work and noise which made me feel ill: remind me to avoid this director.  Unique and extraordinary.  Interesting but too long.  Low quality, self referential and about an hour too long!  Very well acted and a cleverly produced film.  Thought it would never end.  Interesting concept spoilt by poor sound: first half I hated but warmed by the end.  Splendid.  Different!  The Oscars show Hollywood admiring its own cleverness - imaginative but self indulgent and too noisy for me.  Fabulous!  Understand why it got an Oscar - thanks CFS for giving us this film.  Too weird for me.  A compelling film from start to finish.


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