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Members' ratings and comments for Dheepan shown on 21st September 2016


Members’ rating 75%.A-17, B-26, C-13, D-2, E-0. 58 votes from 107 members signing in

Members’ comments:

‘A’ (excellent): Shell-shocked; a brilliant film. Don’t really have the words to express how I feel – so a rating of ‘A’ will have to do. A brave non-French (anti-French?) film about diversity made by a French director – we see a reluctant but trained guerrilla soldier trying to escape his war-forged past but failing and we also see a group of troubled people trying hard to be a family. Very well acted – portrayal of terrible life in Sri Lanka and how they attempted to adapt to this unfortunate French ghetto. Very moving: bittersweet – shame that we have to keep hurting one another. My heart is thumping – so strong. Gripping from start to finish. Wonderful film. On the edge of my seat – terrific. Unforgettable: life on the margins. A fine experience – beautifully shot, overall uplifting, and thought-provoking regarding refugees today. After last week’s “D” rating and boredom, it was a great pleasure to see the work of a clearly original and brilliant director: he was in a different league from the usual Hollywood mob: he managed to encompass the multifaceted problem of refugees in all its aspects: he shirked nothing and covered all they faced and felt, both good and bad, with great understanding and humanity: the film was all encompassing but was an entity, well-structured, hugely absorbing and entertaining at all levels: this is the best film I have seen in years and look forward to seeing it again when the opportunity arises: “A” rating and thank you committee for an excellent selection. Excellent: I was very impressed by Dheepan: a very solid portrayal of the troubled times of today: grabbed you from start to finish: realistic, imaginative, great photography, great all round film-making: compare it with the shallow WTF which began the season - typical over-hyped fantasy from the Hollywood bubble: my only disappointment of Dheepan was the final scene, a fast-forward to a rather utopian English suburbia didn't feel quite right for me after being so gripped by all the intense devastation beforehand: in spite of this, my rating is most definitely an “A”: excellent and at least it made for a happy ending! Thanks for bringing Dheepan.

‘B’ (very good):  I am speechless – strong, sad, desperate – what some must go through – I’d kind of rather stay ignorant – shocking. Very relevant, insightful relationships, depiction of French sink estates concerning – where was the gendarmerie? Fascinating view from refugee point of view – extremely shocking ending though – perhaps too dramatic. Poetically nuanced, searingly real and utterly compelling. Very good film – courageous in its analysis of the effects of war on people – but happy ending implausible. A tough and appalling situation. Showed the plight of refugees – made me grateful not to be one. Very powerful film with fascinating central characters – to watch Dheepan go through his transformations was very moving. Started slowly, but what a fantastic film! Gripping! Touching and deep – perhaps a bit let down by the violent ending - beautiful acting. Spoiled by the ending which left more questions than answers. Powerful – beautiful photography. I feared the worst for our hero at the end – I thought there could be a mass walkout of CFS members with all that violence at the end. Very absorbing – despite the slow pace through most of the film it kept my attention – excellent acting. Scary with the idea of war-trained refugees. Glad it had a happy ending – it was quite exhausting. Searingly effective film in all dimensions – but the final portrayal of an English heaven didn’t ring true – and what was the elephant about?

‘C’ (good): A different view of French ghettos since last season’s film (‘Girlhood’). I didn’t buy the happy ending in England, but it was dramatic and then some. Powerfully acted and a realistic take on the dark side of society – too long to hold the attention fully. Very long. Interesting – possibly a better film in there trying to escape. 30 minutes too long – heavy, serious, unexpected. From one war zone transported into another – a violent drug-infused setting – main characters were well cast. Gripping - a bit disjointed – felt sorry for them all – the ending wasn’t explained very well. Too much. Absorbing, slow, very naturalistic – I forgot they were acting. A little muddled maybe. A bit slow – glad they made it to England and happiness at last. Moving – rather violent – confused by the French gangs – who was fighting who? Well acted.

‘D’ (fair): Grim, slow and rather hard to follow.

‘E’ (poor): No 'E' ratings / comments.