Ida ratings and comments

Members' ratings and comments on Ida, shown on 13th May 2015.

Members’ rating: 81.7%: A-33, B-15, C-7, D-4, E-1.  60 votes from 99 members who signed in.
Members’ comments:
Absolute triumph of a film in all respects but especially the cinematography; each shot was like a picture in its own right – beautiful: a fitting end to a brilliant season. Really poignant – loved it.  Mesmerising, superb photography, so many layers.  This year’s best film. Sorry – even at 80 minutes far too long: grim and glacial.  Tortuous but oddly compelling. The Birdman has just had his wings clipped by a Jewish nun named Ida – exceptional. Exquisite cinematography, very moving – beautifully acted. Up there with the best this season: poignant, tender, humourous and, given the topic, peaceful: loved the way the focus of the lead roles changed: more like this next year please. A film that will stay with me: beautiful! A work of art. Fascinating and thought-provoking film. A great end to the season. Fascinating and thought-provoking film: I almost smelt the cigarettes!  Very moving, well shot, moments of sadness but humour too. Subtle in every way. Superb film – all elements contributed to a near perfect film. Every shot beautifully composed, sweetly elegiac: a lovely film on which to end the season. Black and white films lie this are worth seeing – photography good.  A lot of smoking and drinking from the aunt. Thought-provoking on so many levels: beautifully shot to capture the poignancy. Ooh that was a funny one – let’s hope she didn’t get pregnant.  Brilliant acting  - but what a drab film. Wonderful film and performances: its relatively short length gave it focus and concentrated the mind. What a wonderful end to the season – especially after last week’s American rubbish. Harrowing – sad – moving. Beautifully shot, but too slow in places. Very poignant: beautifully acted: a film where less is more: I would watch it again.  Mesmerising in its simplicity – the best film of the season.   The director must have learned at Andrzej Wajda’s knee (cf ‘Ashes and Diamonds’)  What a good make: deserved the award. Could hardly keep my eyes open.  Slow start: sad story. Bleak beyond belief: shame the suicide was flagged up in the title shot. Amazing how 80 minutes can sometimes feel much longer – brilliant nonetheless. Beautifully filmed and very affecting, Slow start, but a sad film – just wished she didn’t take the vows. Well photographed but too slow moving and fairly predictable.  Effective essential dialogue – liked the pace. Great atmosphere – my only criticism was that it was rather one-paced. The draw of the convent was surprisingly too strong. Single moving story, beautifully executed.  Stunning: spare: beautiful cinematography. I loved it! Wonderful to look at and an all round great film.  A bit lingering, but good all the same, sad. Simply beautiful film but I don’t understand the end – why go back when she had just started to live? Slightly slow moving at start, but well acted and good story told: enjoyable; well acted: let’s have more like this! At last a brilliant film! Wonderful acting and a touching story with lovely photography – more films like this please! A beautifully composed, atmospheric, understated film – a fine end to a very good season.


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