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Members' ratings and comments for Ilo Ilo shown on 10th September 2014

Members’ rating: 65.8% - A-10, B-30, C-21, D-7, E-0.  68 votes from 82 members who signed in
Members’ comments:
A different film that kept up our interest; it did lack something possibly more emotion and a bit of humour.  Beautifully directed.  Plot and character development unconvincing.  Confident film making – almost in miniature but wonderfully played by the cast.  Unpleasant or unhappy people, loathsome child, not a life enhancing film.  Very touching.  Illuminating but depressing.  Fascinating and intriguing; superbly acted with pathos and poignancy.  Some unsympathetic characters but well made and covered the development of a brat to an almost civilised child.  What  a spoilt brat, what a horrible woman, what a miserable film – God I’m depressed, good direction though.  Not really my kind of film.  Excellent story line – very well acted; just goes to show that love and understanding can make all the difference!  Rather shallow.  I felt their collective pain but wished I didn’t have to, at such length.  Really enjoyed this film; well acted and very moving.  Great story of everyday life; I relate to the stress of work and missing the little things with family; ‘Hope lies within yourself ’- loved the link with new life at end.  Don’t underestimate emotional ties – well captured.  Some good performances but although the story is grounded, in fact I found it all a bit implausible.  A bit of everything that made a whole.  Presumably a comment on an overcrowded city life affecting living, working and schooling.  Totally engrossing.  A convincing tale of troubled relationships – one sad little boy.  A depressing study of isolation and loneliness; a director to look out for.  You need to be oriental  to understand this.  Interesting depiction of another culture, good acting.  Second film relating to money issues.  I did not enjoy this film; slow and painful but quite well made.  Well observed, like to see what life is like in another country and culture.  More of these please.  Surely daily life even in a controlled society like Singapore ? one gets used to claustrophobic art house films in any and every language but this one seemed gratuitous in its bitterness with individuals functioning alone in a society that therefore was not worthy of the name "society";  I was so lost in the futility, I nearly missed the only joke-- with the scan result being wrong and the baby turning out to be " yet another boy ".  An interesting experience.  Mike Leigh-esque; gripping but what was the point ?  Fascinating glimpse into another world.  Very moving well shot film.  Interesting study on relationships in a dynamic family relationship.  Absorbing and moving.  Bizarrely enjoyable to watch despite the gloomy subject matter; good believable characters charmingly acted.  Well made film but I didn’t enjoy it – don’t wish to visit Singapore.  Memories of those kind of people.  Interestingly delivered view of alternative cultural viewpoints; beautifully crafted.  Extremely claustrophobic and actually unpleasant; it makes one even more respectful of the teachers social workers and other experts who can rescue the minds and lives of traumatised children; as a film in a society that produces hardly any, it told its tale clearly and with little need for subtitles - very good to have the background to its making beforehand; sadly, nothing like the impressive early film last season with the brilliant Danish hijack - also deliberately claustrophobic on ship but skilfully handled as a threat/suspense a la Hitchcock.  Well observed but uninvolving.  For a simple film, it captured the life of a family in decline.  It kept me interested throughout – nothing more, nothing less.  I’ve removed the trip to Singapore from my bucket list.  This was a very unusual film; I’m thinking about it.  Not sure whether my eyes are failing but the picture seemed very pale and subtitles too light.  I felt sorry for the boy - at least he had the maid for a while and hopefully a father at the end.  A delightful film with sensitive insight into human relationships.  Very absorbing.  A charming film - relationships and problems East or West so similar; we look forward to seeing more of Anthony Chen's films.  Where did it go in the end?  Excellent first feature, a director to watch!  Realistic portrayal of grim times.

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