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Members' ratings and comments for Le Passé shown on 1st October 2014

Members’ rating: 76.9% - A-21, B-17, C-11, D-3, E-0.  52 votes from 84 members who signed in
Members’ comments:
Formidable!  Excellent account of the perils of an acrimonious divorce.  It’s a story one could watch forever – utterly fascinating and so true to life.  I just wanted her finger to move but know that wouldn’t happen.  Brilliantly made film, but so sad.  What a rich complex exploration of the tangled motives in relationships.  What a great film maker Farhadi is!  Very enjoyable, but what heartbreak!  An overlong third act, but otherwise – perfect.  Well made, but depressing.  Too long – too many dramatic pauses.  A realistic story well told - I want to see the next episode!  What a sad and moving film – not surprising there are so many mixed-up kids.  Raw pain – complex – not your typical French film – a tour de force.  Beautifully acted and directed – a very moving film.  Depressing and complex.  Emotionally draining.  A complex story well told and well directed but very depressing.  Well made and absorbing but not uplifting.  Tangled webs that adults weave to the detriment of the young.  Excellent acting, but a bit slow.  Sad but beautifully constructed.  Loved the film – complex and interesting.  Too many twists to keep me thinking it was real.  I wanted to slap Samir and Marie to make them realize how selfish they were.  Too dragged out.  The film make hadn’t decided who it was about.  Confused, too long, too many endings.  Beautifully acted but what awful people – apart from Ahmad.  A great examination of the effects of divorce on a number of people.  Brilliant film – very well acted and absorbing - unfortunately too many loose ends.  An excellent film, and although huge tension and friction and a very well acted film, the ending was a little uncertain.  Powerful story, well acted and produced.  Striking film but completely beyond me – too complex.  Apart from a couple of plot errors and being 15 minutes too long – superb!!  Very good child acting – film needed more editing – too long.  Intriguing – emotional ups and down for everyone.  Superbly convincing film about desperately unhappy souls.  Sad but beautifully constructed.  Very well acted and directed but please something lighter next time – how complicated some peoples’ lives are.  The film ends inconclusively and is very depressing.  The acting however was excellent in particular the 3 children.  How difficult life can be!  Good acting – you feel for them all – the boy was heartbreaking.  Excellent acting and direction, but a very involved script left an unresolved ending.  Strong acting by all, including the children who were caught up in the emotional turmoil.  Impossible to sort the lies out!  Good plot, mystery unfolds bit by bit.  Splendid French stereotypes – always enjoy a bit of angst!  Great performances by the children.  Loved the way that the central mystery was uncovered one layer at a time, very “French” ending – letting us draw our own conclusions about what happened next…..!

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