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Members' ratings and comments for Mia Madre shown on 19th April 2017


Members’ rating 54.39%.A-7 B-13, C-20, D-12, E-5.
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Members’ comments:

‘A’ (excellent): Brilliantly portrayed the confusion associated with anticipated grief. A very good, very realistic film. It captured a moment in our lives. A very touching story, beautifully acted. A contrasting tale of memories re-lived and living with memory loss. A very Italian (autobiographical?) tribute to the importance of mothers in our lives even, or especially, when we don’t realize it. Miss you, Mum.

‘B’ (very good): Movingly depicts the struggle to keep on top of the minutiae of life as one’s world falls apart. Touching: don’t let life pass by without appreciating what can be taken for granted. Good performances and a sensitive approach to difficult subject matter: the parallel lives of the main character added an interesting angle. A beautiful film with well rounded characters and cast. A very Italian story: a complex story of family and loss. Hard subject to approach: well acted: I liked the film’s setting and the volatile Italians.

‘C’ (good): Very good quality: well acted: quite poignant. A bit dour. Disjointed: the independent plots didn’t work. It took a long while to get into, but I enjoyed it by the end: Barry was the comedy. Some very touching moments, but overall I didn’t particularly enjoy it: I didn’t care about the characters and it was a bit dull. Too much hysteria and too long. Charming film, but didn’t speak to me. Didn’t seem to have a point other than Nanni Moretti wanting to act in his own film. Flashes of humour, intense, but I felt it was too long. Beautifully shot and composed but interminably long – could have been 20-30 minutes shorter. The credits were rather long! The film was rather long too and a bit boring in places: who was the man looking after the daughter (a first husband?). Did they give it the award as so many go through her situation with her mother but also it showed all the emotions spent in a busy life? A bit boring but it drew you in eventually: can’t think how it won the Cannes award. Nicely filmed and well acted but a little depressing, just a few positive notes, with the touching relationship between grandmother and granddaughter, the fond memories of the students and the hope that Margherita will become settled. Well acted, but it seemed caught in a loop of the scenes of director on the film set, and with her mother dying, which, although indicative of what she was going through, made for a monotone, somewhat predictable and emotionally disconnected film.

‘D’ (fair): A bit dull. Lacklustre to start with, then became too close to reality to really enjoy. Difficult to keep up with. Rambling and disjointed. Boring: too many flashbacks, backwards and forwards. Main actress very good, but felt myself fall asleep at times. She didn’t feel the main character in her film: scenes seemed repeats of the same subject. Felt very long and confusing: not for me. Really quite dull: two separate films that had no connection: neither story engaged me. A very odd film: drawn out and overly dramatic. I’ve remembered what I don’t like about Moretti: he is self-indulgent. The audience couldn’t get up and leave fast enough. Boring and pointless: much ado about nothing.

‘E’ (poor): The music stood out too much: didn’t suit: irrational, like the cutting of the film scenes: about deep feeling but not well made: dysfunctional, too jumpy in time. Not my thing. Dreary, lack of depth for the situation. There was the nugget of an interesting film about the family and the mother but the film-making scenes were rubbish and unbelievable. It was self-indulgent and pretentious – shame!