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Members' ratings and comments for Mustang shown on 15th March 2017


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‘A’ (excellent): An absolute gem: well acted and directed: an uplifting film. So absorbing and involving – thank you. Gripping: felt for all the girls: so glad they made it to Istanbul: great acting. Powerful, controlling bully: no respect for women. Gut-wrenching! Felt sorry for them. That was EXCELLENT – thank you. Really beautiful film tinged with sadness: quite unexpected and loved the performance of the youngest actress. Interesting theme and great acting. Poignant and beautifully crafted. Very thought-provoking: excellent choice – thank you. First time ever I don’t know what to write: I got so immersed in the film. Absolutely superb: very moving. Definitely the most intense film of the season in my opinion: incredible story and equally incredible story-telling and production. Very fine: poised acting, so much said in so few words. Best film this season. Moving and powerful film: fantastic. A beautifully told, appalling and scary glimpse of another culture: what sort of world do we live in? A brave film-maker: good luck to her! The silence at the end of the film showed how moved we all were: the hypocrisy of the Islamisation of women was so piercingly portrayed. A very good film showing how the generation of the grandmother collides with the world of the children: I pity the grandmother. Very moving: I felt the joy and claustrophobia and terror. Clearly autobiographical - but which parts, I wonder? Beguiling, high-spirited then tense and oppressive: ultimately heart-breaking. Excellent film: very moving: a simple story but so well told: great use of humour made a difficult subject watchable. Amazing film and a beautiful portrait of the madness of cruel family expectations. Powerful little film. About teenagers as much as Turkish life: what happens next? Beautiful and understated: wonderful performances. Thought-provoking but made me very angry with regards to the treatment of women: forcing the girls to live in a prison which made them the victims of the evil uncle: his misogyny condoned and encouraged by his mother: the patrimony and male domination of the culture limits and controls the opportunity and freedom that all women should enjoy: we can think it is something that happens abroad but we mustn’t forget that there are communities in the UK that treat women like that: equal opportunities and freedom of expression should be everyone’s right. Brilliant - showed the whole repertoire of the culture. Astonishingly excellent, competent first feature-length film: alpha-standard acting, cinematography and written in three weeks! Incredibly beautiful and moving film, subtle and humorous too. The girls were remarkable and the director fully deserves her career move - thanks for the informative intro! Appreciation heightened by a very good introduction about the director’s background and travails. Good to see that at least two of the wild young mustangs had not been tamed by the end of the film!

‘B’ (very good): Beautiful film! Riveting, heartfelt, real. Very good performances by the girls. Sad, funny, compelling. Another strong female-oriented film in the month of International Women’s Day – thank you! Engaging, amusing: so glad there was a happy ending! Sombre: it must be so difficult living as a female in such a society. Sad, but not without hope: gently funny: a lovely film I’m glad the Director got to make. Enjoyable, extended speech and extra information given. Moving and tragic story of a very different culture. We enjoy the intro – wish some would stop whinging!

‘C’ (good): A bit of a slow burner, got better as it went on. But the girls at the end were lucky to have a safe person to turn to. Powerful film but a difficult watch as it was such an awful story: a more upbeat ending than I was expecting. Could not empathize with any of the characters. And they all lived very happily together: culture shock East/West! I’m glad I live in the free world.

‘D’ (fair): (One rating but no comment offered)

‘E’ (poor): (No ratings)