Members' ratings and comments

Members' ratings and comments for Nebraska shown on 10th September 2014

Members’ rating: 84.3% - A-31, B-19, C-9, D-0, E-0.  59 votes from 77 members who signed in
Members’ comments:
A good start to the season – a touching tale of old age with a good ending.  Bruce Dern was mesmerising as lead; cinematography was stunning reflecting the wasteland which was revealed in Woody’s life; beautiful portrayal of a father and son reclaiming their relationship.  A depressing sandwich with heartfelt family filling.  Nice gentle slice of life but I’m glad I don’t live in Nebraska.  A charming film of small town America and its inhabitants.  Great cinematography, great acting, great music.  Alexander Payne can do no wrong!  great performances, script and cinematography.  A bitter sweet tale: sometimes heart-warming, sometimes so sad, almost poetic.  Funny, terribly true, great photography.  Exquisite!  Thought provoking.  My Dad had teeth like that!  very good although a little slow in the middle.  Story well told and beautifully shot.  Director made the right choice to insist on black and white.  Lovely elegiac road movie in which much more was said than spoken.  A great examination of a father and son getting to know each other.  An extremely well-presented story of family, ageing and Middle America.  Reflectful.  Carpe diem.  Very good indeed.  A well shot and acted film; being shot in black and white was a really good idea.  Just great!  An unusual film but very enjoyable – PS Andy’s talk was very good.  Lovely ending – may be my poor eyesight as I could see very blurry scenes.  Excellent start.  Great start to the season.  Nice to have a reflective American film instead of their more usual shoot ‘em ups…  I’m not sure if it’s good to see one’s own future; impressive photography.  A very good caricature of Mid America.  A film that raises the question “How well do we really know our parents?”; stunning cinematography – so much sky!  Money always causes conflict – it doesn’t matter if it’s in black, white or colour….  A gem.  A beautiful film.  Very moving, heart-warming story; exceptional acting, especially Dern; wonderful photography.  Black and white didn’t work for me; had its moments but ultimately bleak.  Loved the black and white; well acted old chap!  Bleak and compelling.  Eventually enjoyable.  Brilliant start to the new season – acting, directing, cinematography all excellent.  Excellent in all respects; a very good start to the season – augurs well!!  A sweet film, excellent performances and good photography.  Brilliantly bleak and uplifting.  Charming, insightful and highly amusing; a bit slow at times but very poignant.  Great start to the season.

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