Omar ratings and comments

Members' ratings and comments on Omar, shown on 18th March 2015.

Members’ rating: 82.6% - A-31, B-24, C-9, D-1, E-0.
65 votes from 109 members who signed in.
Members’ comments: Best film of the season so far (4 others agreed)  Brilliantly shot and acted – a potent reminder of the trials of everyday existence in the West Bank.  Fascinating – thank you for showing it.  Gripping film very well delivered.  Beyond bleak – the poor tortured people and the poor torturing Nazis.  Beautifully scripted and acted: very ambiguous.  Fantastic film!  A brilliant combination of a love story and a tense thriller.  Brings out the horror of Palestine.  Serious film, serious subject: the violence hard to take but probably too true.  Wow!  What a bloody good film!  Hard to watch but much harder to live through and endure – any portrayal which helps us to understand the situation is surely worth a little discomfort to us.  Makes you appreciate how lucky we are in the UK, despite the whingers: very tragic.  Very tense and very believable.  It’s why I’m here – to see something I wouldn’t normally see and to see how another life is lived, but it was too violent for me.  Subtle but tense: very well filmed and acted: surprised this film is not more well known.  Unremittingly depressing but an incredibly brave and thought-provoking production.  Educating and shocking: the theme about betrayal, trust and revenge could be applied to many other situations.  Tough!  Gripping film: managing a fine balance between personal and political.  Not for viewing pleasure but for the powerful rendition of the pernicious, endless consequences of occupation, collaboration and mistrust.  A must-see!  No surprises, no winners, no answers – just like the newsreels.  Enlightening, thought provoking but missing something.  Should be shown to the Israelis to show them how Hamas is persecuting their own Arabs.  Very difficult to follow the plot – continuity problems annoying: disappointing.  A good film until the end which became obvious.  A harrowing, impossible situation: I thought about “The Lives of Others”- everybody informing on everybody else – how could it be resolved?  What a great choice of film – gripping from start to finish.  Promising start: tedious middle: pointless ending – not to my taste.  Very violent, but touching at the end.  Excellent.  Fascinating – loved seeing the other side of a culture – not sure about the ending.  Excellent filming portraying the fear of the chase – poor Omar.  Superb.  Fascinating insight into life in Palestine: harrowing to watch but a great film.  Such a depressing story – when will it end?  Really enjoyed the plot twists.  Showed the complexity of the situation – well acted and shot.  Eye-opening commentary on Israeli/Palestinian factional relations.  What convoluted lives they lead!  An almost unbearably painful love story against a background of unspeakable horror, mistrust and the ritual of terror, insurgency and oppression  of modern-day Palestine: brilliant, uncompromising direction – a masterpiece.  So impressive, memorable – even without the violence which I couldn’t watch (3 other members agreed with this comment).  Makes me weep for humanity.  Brilliant intertwining of personal and political.  An exposure of how difficult it is for Palestinians to live with Israel – very well acted and produced.  Brutal and very gripping: shame so many people were walking about.


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