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Members' ratings and comments for Rams shown on 5th October 2016


Members’ rating 74.1%.A-28, B-31, C-13, D-7, E-2. 81 votes from 127 members signing in

Members’ comments:

‘A’ (excellent): A gripping insight into a way of life we can have no understanding of otherwise: have to disagree with Mark Kermode about this film being 'hilarious'? An incredible last 15 minutes or so of the film, though I am still worried about the sheep and the sheepdog. Wonderful film: I mentally lived with those two old men and their deep love of sheep: I know Cumbrian farmers! A very engrossing and captivating film in a very bleak yet beautiful setting. A strange story of lasting brotherly love, sincere, compelling and would definitely watch/recommend this film to others. Beautifully filmed: it turns out the important (missing word) was the brothers and not the sheep! Wonderful film. Humour and pathos, gripping all the way! Fantastic story, beautifully filmed, simple. Brilliant: well chosen: spellbinding. Loved it, but what a frustrating ending: I never thought I’d enjoy a film about sheep. Very different: brilliant. What a wonderful film: I hope Iceland will make many more. Brilliant film but what happened to the ending? A gem of a movie: a poignant study of sibling relationships against a background of a harsh environment: beautifully heart-rending last scene. Unexpected ending! Really enjoyed it: very powerful. Great acting - sheep and people - didn’t sell Iceland to me! Kept me gripped the whole time: I personally would have done anything to save my beloved animals! Very successfully conveyed a story everyone could connect with in a truly complete film. Spellbound: local colour acting, scenery, relationships and wonderful use of animals, sheepdog, sheep and rams: good humour when needed and drama and tragedy. Too much nudity!! Poignant: wonderfully touching, scenic film. I loved this film, funny in unexpected ways: an Oscar for the sheepdog! A weird, wonderful and entirely original film. Brooding, beautifully shot: ambiguity of the ending very well done and a good decision - leaves the finality to the viewer. There is love, out there, at the end: good.

‘B’ (very good):  Expected it to be blacker and funnier but still touching. It didn’t bode well (an Icelandic comedy?) but I did smile, and give that sheepdog an Oscar. Ended too soon! I did enjoy this peculiar film, I really did feel for them as I knew a farmer with foot and mouth, this portrayed the love of their life and wanting to preserve it. The end produced a great dramatic twist to the tale: the acting was great, altogether enjoyable. A moving tale of brotherhood, containing some scenes of hilarious deadpan humour as well as some deeply moving movements. Bleak and unforgiving Iceland but good to see eventual forgiving by the brothers. Good cinematography: a slight plot with the change of attitude of the brothers coming too late. Disappointed at the end. Drama yes, comedy no! But wonderful photography. Intriguingly watchable albeit a little slow. Very few words - reliant on so much expression in the two lead’s faces. Very good cinematography: very interesting and emotional story with great development: perhaps a bit slow, but not an issue. Not quite what I expected! Moving and funny, with a great sense of place and the best sweaters since The Killing. Beautifully filmed, superb acting, ending was gut-wrenching, loved the sheepdog. The ending was good. Wonderful stark humour but lack of ending really let it down. Rather slow, but enjoyed it: disappointed with ending, what happened to the sheep? At least it reconciled the brothers - eventually. The simple setting and dialogue made the message about survival and resilience on surroundings and neighbours come through very clearly. Great story, beautifully acted and photographed: as for the ending… Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Unusual story and location: definitely worth watching: not sure about end. Brothers, etc? Terrific use of pace by the writer/director and stand-out acting by the two leads. Far more gentle than the last two: interesting scenery and Icelandic life. Really enjoyed it: great insight to a very different world: the final scene was very sad and touching. Interesting and original.

‘C’ (good): Unusual - well acted - disappointing ending - great sheep, great dog! Very odd, but somehow majestic. A bit too slow-paced for me - however enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Good storytelling: quite slow: overall the film was enjoyable: nice scenery. Beautiful setting that captures the bleakness of the Icelandic landscape: interesting story arc involving the family ties really came to a head at the end. Stunning scenery, loved the dog, not sure about the ending, guess we had to make our minds up: at least the scrapie brought the brothers together after 40 years. Interesting and touching in many places: enjoyed the comedic touches, e.g. dog, postman, tractor/hospital, but disappointed with ending - it was so untold: at least a sort of reconciliation took place. 40 years of isolation reconciled at the end by the common tie of the family herd but too late (or was it?): too many unanswered questions in the ending - what happened to the sheep and especially the dog?! Good. I think it was good: might've been great: not sure yet.

‘D’ (fair): Disappointing, slow, tedious. So what happened next?? At least they made up. Ticked over, but ultimately lacked a little something! Odd film: odd ending. Beautifully scenic, yet the pace of the film just too slow.

‘E’ (poor): Nice snowy Christmas card pictures! Poor: I am probably missing something but that was very dull.