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Members' ratings and comments for Sing Street shown on 4th January 2017


Members’ rating 83%.A-39, B-25, C-14, D-0, E-0.
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Members’ comments:

‘A’ (excellent): Brilliant film – Excellent story and script and brilliant cast, perfectly acted. Feel-good film – loved it. Fantastic, just fantastic - I think we’ve found the film of the 2016-17 season. Really enjoyable movie – the soundtrack and Irish setting were a recipe for success. A real feel-good movie – corny, predictable – but great music and great actors you warm to. A joyous moment to begin the New Year – I didn’t want to come out on a cold night but so glad we did. Great music and good fun. Brilliant on all levels – acting, music, emotions, I could watch it all over again straight away. Very pleasant. Uplifting and fun. Great, thanks. Loved it – good feel factor, great music too. Upbeat, fun and real life. Great – what a blast. A good feel film with some great music. Great fun – an updated version of The Commitments. Lovely, charming, witty – a real gem. Great fun – loved the music. Imaginative portrayal of a simple story with energy and drive. Really great – apart from fantastic music, the vocals and storyline were brilliant as well as hilarious. Classic feel-good movie – loved it – took me right back to the 80s. Excellent young actors – I love low budget films – charm of the British. Great choice for start of the year – grim school, eccentric family, charming lead roles, well acted. Delightful uplifting film, well acted, good balance of music, thought-provoking content. Really enjoyable – would recommend it. Brilliant portrayal of the innocence, optimism and joy of youth! Great humour, wonderful characters – Yes, very generic but this was full of charm – loved it, will look to see if there’s a soundtrack! Just as fast as the boy fell in love with the girl, I did the same with this film and the ending didn’t disappoint – pure bliss! Love it! – best film - I wish people were as creative now – loved the clothes, the music, the whole transformation and the steely conviction of self belief. Delivered as expected – light and entertaining – took me back. Great fun – loved it! A real feel-good film – my favourite of the year. Thought it was fabulous and ‘the perfect film’ – much of what under 18s are fed is fantasy fodder and grimness, so I am grateful for this type of film – we all left feeling very happy!

‘B’ (very good): A fun, uplifting start to 2017 film club – loved the various costume changes and band ‘looks’! Feel-good film – very funny but a little too saccharine towards the end. Refreshing and funny. Good, if simple film. Great film, but couldn’t understand half of what they said. Interesting to see romance and band both developing. Great start to 2017, although it was a little long. Enjoyable film, but so far-fetched. All in all, a very good film. The fantasy style of the ending fitted well with the other fantasy elements. A talented cast, good use of music and catchy new songs – a very enjoyable night out! Thank you. A really good feel-good film – great music, true to the era with good humour. Kept your interest and was quite funny – liked the music – I didn’t think they’d make it across the Irish Sea in such a tiny boat though. Very enjoyable. Great bit of 80s nostalgia – a nice surprise. Feel-good film if not too realistic – enjoyed it but “Once” it is not. A superb film ruined by a silly ending. I could smell and taste the 1980s school discos! Nice uplifting start to the year, wish I had been as brave as him. Impressed by the look and acting of the cast – soundtrack a bit loud for me at times – did not catch all the dialogue but that didn’t spoil my enjoyment – serious comment on education in Ireland in the 80s and the decades, indeed centuries-long, sad need that the young feel to leave home and seek opportunities across the sea. A very enjoyable romantic frolic – great on a cold night.

‘C’ (good): Really sweet-natured film, but the ending was so stupid! I thought she was beautiful, I liked the type of music, but it was a bit the same if you didn’t. An enjoyable film – no pretensions and some good new songs – let down a bit by a daft finish. Feel-good film – let down by the ending – crossing the Irish Sea in that little boat? Loved the music and the original tracks – what happened next? Hope triumphs over experience? Real sense of the 80s and Ireland at the time. Good soundtrack, not much depth in the storyline. Mixed thoughts – such horrible experiences for a young person, yet lovely family and sibling relationships – light music film yet some deep thoughts there. The 80s were so much more fun! Authentic portrayal of the era. So interesting how the girl’s face could change from so sophisticated to so young and vulnerable – good acting and good original music – spoilt by ludicrous (and dangerous) ending.

‘D’ (fair): No comments.

‘E’ (poor): No comments.