The 100 Year Old Man ....

Members' ratings and comments on The 100-year-old Man Who Climbed Out off the Window and Disappeared, shown on 7th January 2015.

Members’ rating: 83% - A-47, B-13, C-11, D-6, E-0.
77 votes from 112 members who signed in.
Members’ comments: Brilliant (this comment from 9 members). Brilliant film with biting commentary on recent history beneath its picaresque charm; lampoons everything from Stalin to Swedish police films. Ridiculously enjoyable! Delightfully funny, contemporary – what a joyful evening! Tedious, predictable – couldn’t see the point of it. The book was better. Better than the book. Great film, but not quite as good as the book. Very entertaining film, cleverly very true to the book. Rollicking, more fun than Forest Gump. Forest Gump meets the Pink Panther – very quirky and enjoyable. Bonkers but funny: well constructed story. Amusing slapstick – also tasteless humour in places. Quite funny in parts. Good – but something was lacking and I’m not sure what? Bizarre! Very strange. Bit brutal at first, but developed a charm as it went on. Really liked it: I sometimes find innocent abroad films irritating but this was a good mix of funny and innocent. Good fun with lots of humour. Really enjoyable. Absolutely brilliant, superbly acted: preposterous story line but who cares! A great start to the New Year’s viewing. A truly madcap, brilliant film. Great simple escapism. Best laugh for a long time. Lovely film, very much enjoyed it, thank you. A good evening’s entertainment and also different. Very enjoyable – a real feel-good story. Great film, great plot and a happy ending. Joyous! Well-crafted, simple movie – superb! Fabulous. The best film so far. Not my cup of tea, but well made. Light-hearted fun, with excellent acting – please more like this! Swedes should stick to what they’re good at – gloom and doom: this was a very heavy-going, predictable ‘comedy’. Easy watching, funny and very enjoyable. Very humorous, light-hearted: thoroughly enjoyable. Wonderfully entertaining. Simply, truly, whimsically MARVELLOUS! Thought-provoking, funny: a film worth seeing: thank you. Superb, That was such a great night out – so funny and made me wonder what tomorrow will bring: I feel so much happier now: thank you. Hilarious! Really enjoyed it. A great romp: just right for January. Excellent. Great fun. Full of surprises. A wonderful bizarre start to 2015. Quite, quite daft! Funny, interesting: best I’ve seen for a while: loved it!


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