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Members' ratings and comments for The Daughter shown on 16th November 2016

Members’ rating 74.6%.A-22, B-29, C-11, D-6, E-0.
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Members’ comments:

‘A’ (excellent): Fascinating study of how a happy family can implode: great character studies. Gripping, heartwrenching and thoroughly engaging: I very much liked the dialogue cutting through visual silence. Very compelling, very sad, sometimes difficult to understand. Excellent observation on how difficult the truth can be to live with – are things better left unsaid? Brilliantly presented, slow car crash of a story – loved it. Excellent but harrowing. Very moving but emotionally draining: beautifully shot. Dark, dark – life unravels. Brilliant – although I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it! Wonderful, aching, visceral, gripping, inventive and beautifully wrought – I was exhausted at the end. A consummate coming together of high quality casting, filming technique and location, and blend of music and silence to create an Ibsenesque tension and claustrophobia. Well-acted, lovely scenery, family secrets best kept quiet. Is family a choice or does it just happen? I assumed the flight of the duck was to symbolize the release of the long-kept painful secret. It was a good movie. We started feeling sympathy for Christian, but came to despise him as he was determined to inflict his sadness on everyone around him. Superb film, outstanding acting, full of passion and realism – a well-paced and shot film.

‘B’ (very good):  Grim, dark and powerful: superb performances, imaginative and bold. I thoroughly enjoyed this film – intense, superb writing, but the ending let it down. A real slow burner that grew and grew to a crescendo. Well acted, bleak, great adaptation and daughter outstanding. Very confusing story but well acted: poor sound quality: wonderful photography. Speechless – how selfish we are! Traumatic: very good pace and really interesting camera shots: like you have been through something! Well paced – you knew something had to happen all the way through and eventually it did – I will look up Ibsen. Tense, made me cry – at first I felt the drink and drugs were an excuse to reveal what should have been known anyway – then the destruction came at the end and I don’t know what to think – are lies better? Found the beginning very slow and didn’t hear/understand half the dialogue so got bored – being unaware of Ibsen’s book, I was left feeling utterly depressed by the end! A horrible topic but a believable film. What happens when people don’t see beyond their selfishness. Powerful performances – I’m sure the duck was a metaphor for something! A good story well told. Beautifully shot, compelling portrait of a family unravelling. Bleak – Tasmania! Good acting on the part of the daughter – not good to see Sam Neill playing such an aged part. Fairly faithful to the Ibsen dialogue, muddy and confusing when two people were shown and two others spoke. Really moving performance by the lead actress and beautiful scenery. Intense – superbly acted. Very good acting – slow start otherwise very good indeed. Unlike the last film utterly compelling, the silences were deafening – every frame counted. Well-made: interesting techniques, very chilling atmosphere. Mumbly sound to begin with: not a lot of laughs in Ibsen… Keep introductions full.

‘C’ (good): Disappointing film - good acting from Sam Neill and scenery was good. Lack of sharp focusing is an annoying technique: good performances: seemed longer than 90 minutes: not sure about it. Depressing but well acted. Gripping film – disappointed by the inconclusive ending. Sound too quiet: enjoyed not having adverts beforehand, plus shorter intro. Good but not brilliant. Well acted. Powerful – heartwrenching. I would like to see just one film without a bare bottom!

‘D’ (fair): Interesting, but a bit too intense. Difficult to see and hear: too bleak by far, both in content and vision. I don’t mind gloomy films but this was dreary, everything was telegraphed: when the gun went in the cupboard, it was obvious what would happen. It should have been such a powerful film but it was a predictable story. Nice duck. Difficult to hear: too drawn out, but a powerful story.

‘E’ (poor): No comments.