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Members' ratings and comments for The General shown on 10th May 2017


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'A' (excellent): ‘A’ for ageless! A great film to finish the season! Brilliant film, loved it. Fantastic film – well done and thanks to the Elgiva Theatre and Cinema for their efforts in getting hold of the film. The best film there will ever be about two trains going up and down a track. Fantastic, a classic silent masterpiece, a brilliant end to the season. Absolutely loved this! First silent movie I’ve ever seen and I’m hooked. Very enjoyable to go right back to a silent movie, my first silent movie, loved it. Wonderful to see it again – fantastic! Very funny. A true classic – 90 years on and the jokes still elicit a laugh. A great piece of historical cinema – impossible not to be swept up by it. Brilliant – my ribs ache. By far the best film – yes, especially since it was a re-make. Exquisite. I wouldn’t want to watch a silent film every time but this was excellent – context at the beginning really increased my enjoyment – thank you for a fantastic season – we’ll be back! Superb, great entertainment. Hilarious, exciting, spectacular with a wonderful print and score. Beautifully restored, great ‘feel good’ end to the season. Surprised that it didn’t cost more! Well shot, great music, an excellent re-master – loved it. Very enjoyable, funny – quality of film excellent. Fantastic to see on big screen, the classic film should always be something that needs a big screen. Loved it – funny and dramatic with a great role for a woman in an action movie – eat your heart out Jason Bourne! Brilliant and very funny - modern-day filmmakers could learn a lot. Fantastic invention and timing by Keaton. Genius – there is nothing quite like it. The budget blown in one scene! Fantastic!! So subtle! Very sweet and wasn’t he incredibly young! So good to see it in a restored format – score went well with it too. What an inspiration to put this on as the last film of the season – brilliant. Classic cinema – just shows you don’t need SFX and green screens to make a great movie. Great fun! Visual comedy without parallel. Pure genius (5 members’ comments). Brilliant – and the music added an extra +++. A wonderful end to an excellent season – best chase ever and I loved the music. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

'B' (very good): Who said you need sound and special effects to make a classic comedy? Hilarious – the horses cost the money? Funny, brilliantly made but not quite a good as its reputation. Very funny – amazing when you consider when this was made - own stunts, no CGI/special effects. Would not know from the technical view that this was an old film. Fascinating to see a historic film in all its glory – an excellent introduction helped with the context. Very funny, not what I expected from a silent film but will definitely be interested now in other films of the genre – loved the music. It was very good indeed. Great fun, an excellent film to end on.

'C' (good): Fascinating historical piece – still amusing and in places really funny – clever timing, still impressive. A refreshing change from the norm – great season CFS.

'D' (fair): None submitted.

'E' (poor): None submitted.