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Members' ratings and comments on The Lady Eve, shown on 25th February 2015

Members’ rating: 72%. A -16, B-26, C-11, D-6, E-0. 59 votes from 85 members who signed in.

Members’ comments: Slick slapstick and script provide entertainment that keeps its freshness: nice to watch a young Henry Fonda again. Very enjoyable – nothing beats a classic. Loved it: witty fun. At last, a proper FILM: they don’t make them like this anymore! A real discovery! This is my idea of a film and I enjoyed every minute. OK but very dated humour – I am not a fan of slapstick. I felt like I was watching a different film to those around me: disappointing – maybe it’s a generation thing. More classic films, please (this comment from 3 members). Great fun! Barbara Stanwyck gorgeous: Excellent direction and acting: a happy, hilarious divertissement. Could the introduction be shorter than the film please? Not quite the masterpiece we were led to expect? Had its moments, but more a “wet Sunday afternoon on TV” film than a “night out at the cinema”: Fonda’s tailor deserved a credit. The horse ran Charles Coburn a close second. Pretty lightweight. Pleasantly silly. Left me with a big smile – lots of fun. Never get tired of this film! Barbara Stanwyck was a joy! Loved it. Out of touch with reality feeding the dreams of many. Truly dire (though there were some good exterior shots of the Queen Mary). Fast moving and witty – now I know what my grandparents were up to! Great to be able to have a really good laugh: sparkling characters and dialogue. Good fun but a bit obvious, but made a nice change. A lovely Sunday afternoon film – wouldn’t have watched it out of choice, but light-hearted comedy and romance. Please keep the intro short! I just want to see the film – sorry but I didn’t find it funny. Enjoyable though not usually my type of film: some good set pieces – loved the horse, but it felt a bit ‘stagey’. Funny but very dated. They don’t make them like that any more! Not too long and no thinking required. All go – hard to keep pace, no allowance for nodding off: loved Eve’s costumes. Great fun – it’s a shame that the ‘English’ accents were so poor – could have done with subtitles. Very good example of films of a bygone era – nevertheless enjoyable. Wonderfully anti-establishment. Nice one: brings back childhood memories – I used to watch black and whites often. The dream of the population at that time – typical of its age. Very refreshing, very quickfire. Hard to believe it was more than 70 years old. A fitting tribute to Derek. 1941 froth and frolic! Creaky in parts by today’s standards, but a lovely treat. Entertaining, funny, unusual story – quite original. Very refreshing and charming: excellent comedy. A light-hearted frolic of yesteryear and certainly an inexperienced Henry Fonda. Wonderful stuff from a comedy master. Completely unknown to me and glad to have seen it. Some members suggested classic films for next season’s longlist, and we have made a note of these.

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