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Members' ratings and comments for The Great Beauty shown on 8th October 2014

Members’ rating:   61.6%: A-10, B-9, C-12, D-7, E-3.   41 votes from 77 members who signed in
Members’ comments:
Wonderful! deeply cynical but also a celebration of humanity.  Weird film – what plot? – too long.  Beautiful location: atmospheric, bizarre and not enough story to retain interest: good music.  I’d hoped for so much, not sure how much it delivered.  Too long:  often silly and pointless story outline, some silly humour but good “ambiente” and interesting Italian way of life (language, presentation, photography and nature).  Terry Gilliam could have done that in 90 minutes: sumptuous, glorious, far too long.  My other world.  Weird, great portrayal of decadence.  Wow – beautifully shot – thought provoking and emotionally draining: BRILLIANT.  Wonderful images, great use of music.  Lovely cinematography, a little long but very thoughtful.  Very dynamic with beautiful scenes of Rome.  Brilliantly, cynically funny.  A real attack on the senses: loved Sorrentino’s box of director’s tricks which he used throughout: not sure if it’s worthy of an A or E rating!!  Sumptuous photography, wonderful music but couldn’t relate to the people!  Strange, compelling film – “Jep” [Toni Servillo] an exceptional actor.  A visual delight: very stylish direction and photography, disjointed photography though: wouldn’t rush to see it again – style over substance.  Outstanding work of art.  Loved the dancing: film too long considering the uncomfortableness of the Elgiva chairs! a thought-provoking film but not to my taste.  Pretentious and over-long.  Not worth staying up late for!  Too long, too confusing, too disjointed, too much dialogue – very disappointing but good photography.  A bit long.  Beautiful but incomprehensible.  Great music.  Most peculiar – far too long, its only saving grace being excellent photography, scenery and music.  Brilliant photography, scripting and acting but over-ambitious?  too many echoes of Fellini?  Tremendously entertaining, shot with dazzling bravura, yet with an emptiness at its centre – but perhaps that was the point?  Dreamlike: loved it – just let it wash over me.  Confident film-making – but an over-extended essay on decadence.  What in God’s name was all that about?  Compelling and grotesque.  Weird is probably the best term – enjoyable but incomprehensible.  2 hours of appalling nonsense, what a waste – but the giraffe was nice.  Beautiful to look at and loved the music but felt it was disappointing.  Probably needs a second viewing to provide a worthwhile comment but the leading actor was brilliant.  Very unusual; brilliant photography and settings – story too busy.  Kaleidoscope of vivid images of valueless people: Nero I suppose: or am I missing something?  Interesting that the film focussed on characters usually portrayed as unlikeable; the partying, decadent rich with futile lifestyles and people who work/attend strip clubs, and yet they were all likeable characters, probably the only unlikeable one was the 'pope-to-be'! very creative, and extremely clever, funny moments, but much seriousness behind it all.

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