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Members' ratings and comments for The Lunchbox shown on 12th November 2014

Members’ rating   89.5%    A – 34 B – 19, C – 2.  55 votes from 98 members who signed in
Members’ comments:
Wonderful.  My favourite film of the season so far: loved the unresolved ending! Terrific! This director has a great career ahead: but I really need to know what happened.  Fantastic study of an ordinary everyday life with a gold thread running through it.  Loved it! A great insight into Mumbai life though I found it a bit of a roller coaster in its emotional ups and downs. Very enjoyable. I hope I can assume that they all got to the right station on the wrong train: excellent leads – B because I wanted to know the ending.  A sweet film. Heart-warming – hope they did meet up – very enjoyable.  Off to look up Nasik – hope it’s in Bhutan, otherwise I’ll be bereft. A beautiful and sensitive film superbly acted: a refreshing change from the usual general media blight of over-the-top second rate Hollywood rubbish: it gave a fascinating insight into aspects of the lives and culture of Indian city dwellers: the whole thing was well balanced and objective: one of the best which I am pleased to rate A. A bit long; of course I would have liked a happier ending! Much better camera work than I expected. Lyrical, interesting, well acted – it was a great film. My only criticism is that we’ll never know if there was a happy ending. Loved the relationship between Ila and Auntie: loved the film. I liked the film: the story was simple but well told; sometimes a little slow though. Lovely pace – and a simple story, beautifully told. Defied expectations – what seemed set up for a romcom moved through gentle melancholy to alienation and despair. The English they spoke was difficult to understand: expected a happy ending.  Remarkable film by a young director capturing a very poignant relationship and the essence of Mumbai.’ You’ve got Mail’ without the clichés – brilliant! Best one yet – but did they run out of money?  Why couldn’t they show them meeting up – but beautiful acting. Very good: but ending was disappointing.  Beautifully observed - gentle, sad tone: great beauty and cinematography. A great movie, well acted and filmed – super all round. Best film so far this year – very sweet but funny too. A thoroughly enjoyable film but why couldn’t they show the final meetings? Very touching: well observed and life enhancing.  Very enjoyable and easy to follow: realistic ending too, although a shame – but can’t always be a happy ending! Not quite as inconsequential as it seemed for most of the film: a sweetly sad ending. Excellent film, wonderful acting and lovely photography: the film leaves you wondering if they would ever get together: more films like this! A very moving film, well acted: would have liked a happy ending: best film yet. Lovely but sad.  Wonderful character studies.  Charming and bitter-sweet: loved it.  Beautifully moving film – powerful character portrayals.  Delightful – made me so hungry! Exquisite – beautifully acted.   A lovely story delightfully told – I hope they found each other. Warm lovely film – thank you. Fascinating insight into another culture. Fantastic! Without question the one they’ve all got to beat to be named “CFS Film of the Season”: 5 Stars.

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