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Members' ratings and comments for The Selfish Giant shown on 22nd October 2014

Members’ rating: 69.0% - A-19, B-20, C-12, D-8, E-3.  62 votes from 86 members who signed in
Members’ comments:
The best film so far – can’t wait to see her next one.  Such language was unacceptable – so repetitive I could not wait any more to see the tragic consequences and their effect.  Fantastic! realistic, moving, atmospheric – couldn’t fault it.  Sad portrayal of deprived childhood well captured.  Brutal story – well told but difficult accents.  Amazing film; truly northern; fantastic casting and acting by the two main characters; so sad and touching.  As I cannot recognise faces (either because of my eyesight or the vast screen) I was unable to make out some of the story.  Very well acted with some very good photography; a distressing story and sad to think that this happens in the UK in this century.  Deeply disturbing, but excellent film.  Great acting but why is it that other countries produce sunny, enjoyable films while here we only get kitchen sink efforts.  Bleak but brilliant; what an indictment of Britain and its care of the vulnerable.  Gritty, moving; I loved the way it was filmed; I was really drawn into the movie and their lifestyle; horrific ending.  Depressing.  Beautifully shot, very affecting – bleak; couldn’t understand all diction because of strong accents but a reflection on me! memorable.  So pleased a cliché ending was avoided; gritty and real; loved it.  Very near true life – great story.  That was a real shocking twist in the plot.  I know this stuff goes on but I don’t choose to watch it; TV would have been more favourable tonight – sorry CFS, not a good choice of film.  I am sorry but we had to leave the film at 8:40pm – the language was appalling.  The romantic treatment of the wider landscape was an effective contrast to the urban locations; good performances though I found the dialogue hard to understand.  Only worth a C rating as I could not follow the dialogue, worthy though the script and acting were.  The power of this was undeniable but the sorrow of seeing life as it is for some… how does it happen?  Almost impossible to understand the diction; boys acting excellent; sad reflection on English society if that is reality in Bradford!  Great gritty story about boyhood friendship; would have been improved with subtitles.  Too bleak for my liking, gritty though it may be.  A sad depiction of the underclass and how some kids just have no chance in life.  Remarkable and moving.  Stunning and bleak.  Bad language! birth control needed…schools with DIY instead of history (VG know the area).  Powerful and hard hitting.  Powerful but very uncomfortable.  Very depressing – I’ll never go to Bradford.  A hard film to watch, good acting from the boys though.  A sorry tale beautifully told.  So, so bleak; well-acted, children especially.  I’ll never look at that old washing machine in the same way again!  What a sad story – so powerfully told; brilliant child actors.  Pointlessly depressing film – impossible to understand most of what was said.  Absorbing story; well filmed and directed; ending was rather abrupt.  More like this please.  Unfortunately not my type of film.  Superbly acted but the most depressing film I have ever seen; felt the language could have been moderated.  A very poignant story – dreadful living situation within the family – too much swearing for me; dialogue not always easy to pick up because of accents; difficult to rate.  Some beautifully shot, almost painterly landscapes and striking performances, but not a great deal to lift the spirits; nice horses though.  Horses should have had the star billing as “The Boy Whisperers”? not entirely bleak, but not sure Bradford’s tourism will prosper as a result.  Very difficult to have any sympathy for any of the characters; strange Bradford with no ethnic minority people.  Excellent performances from a (mostly) untrained cast; dialogue was certainly authentic!  Good acting by the boys; sad depiction of UK life by the director;  I work at a scrap yard (AG Evans of Wiggington) and would like to highlight that this is not the case in all scrapyards and not an accurate depiction regarding the scrap industry;  I would like the director to visit the yard! there is more paperwork than anyone could imagine and the director is furthering the stigma against the industry.  Very powerful but so bleak.  Fabulous – bleak but so moving.  A deeply moving and tragic insight into a sector of our society that leaves one disturbed and concerned about the nigh on impossible solution of fixing it.  Heart rending and tragic; well acted and sensitively directed.

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