Dim Sum: A Little Bit Of Heart

  • Date April 22, 1988
  • Time 8pm
  • Location White Hill Centre, Chesham

“In San Francisco, an immigrant widow welcomes the new year with some unhappiness: she’s sixty-two now, she wants to make a trip to China to pay last respects to her ancestors, a fortune teller has told her this is the year she’ll die, and a daughter, Geraldine, remains unmarried. Geraldine does have a boyfriend, but she’s not sure she’s ready for marriage, and, anyway, he lives in Los Angeles and Geraldine doesn’t want to leave her mother alone in her declining years. Mrs. Tan’s cheerful brother-in-law tries to help out. Is there any solution that will enable Mrs. Tan to hold onto her culturally influenced and deep-seated hopes, yet keep those hopes from suffocating Geraldine?” – IMDB

USA, 1985, Wayne Wang. Comedy, 1hr24 (PG)

Presented as the Amersham and Chesham Film Society